OHIO Fast Facts

May 23, 2024
✨Do you know about Ohio? Why do people want to live there?
OHIO Fast Facts:
-In 2023,Ohio's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is $872 billion, making it the 7th largest economy in the US. 💰
-Over the past 20 years, Ohio has consistently been rated Aa1/AA+/AA+ by the three major credit rating agencies. 📊
-Its  GDP grew by 30.3% over 10 years, about 5% higher than the national GDP. 📈
-In just 5 years, Ohio attracted over 4 million labor force participants. 📈
January 25, 2021, the Ohio government, along with the Cleveland city government, local institutions, world-class hospitals, and universities, officially unveiled a $565 million investment project called the "Cleveland Innovation District". 💼 It is expected to bring in $3 billion in revenue and create 20,000 job opportunities locally. 🏙️
(Below is Chinese Version)
OHIO Fast Facts:
- 俄亥俄州州生產總值為8,720億美元,全美50州份排名第7
- 20年間, 俄亥俄州被著名的三大信貸評級機構一直評級為Aa1/AA+/AA+.
- 10年間生產總值增長為30.3%, 比全美國生產總值還要高約5%.
- 5年間俄亥俄州吸引了超過4百萬勞動人口.
2021年1月25日, 俄亥俄州政府聯同克里夫蘭市政府, 當地各大機構, 世界級醫院及大學等正式為投資約$5.65億美元項目名為” Cleveland Innovation District”揭幕. 預計會為當地帶來$30億收益及2萬個就業機會.