When the economy is good, real estate appreciates and you enjoy lucrative capital gain. In a tough market, real estate offers stable cashflow income from your assets. No matter how good or bad is the economy, people need a place to live in, either they buy it – or, they rent it.

Not all investments are created equal. Rental return on properties offers a safety net to your income with monthly cashflow from tenants, and a perfect hedge to your stock investments that may disappoint you during turbulence times. It is also well recognized that real estate consistently appreciates – you can hardly say the same for stock investments.

Bonnie, Capstone 72 CEO

Bonnie Capstone 72 CEO


Capstone 72, therefore, focuses on US real estate investment and we generate investment returns beyond your expectation and tailored to your needs (be it emigration, education of the next generation, etc). 

With our expertise and local knowledge in the markets, we conduct thorough due diligence on the target property, making sure the price and numbers are attractive, and the property condition and neighbourhood give you comfort. 


The Right Price, the Right Return, Always


We understand everyone has different investment objectives driven by different reasons – whether for cash flow or capital gain, and whether for the purpose of pure investment, emigration, or education of the next generation, etc. With our expertise in property investment in the UK and US areas, we provide you with plans and deals that match your investment objectives.

But where come the properties that generate nice yield and high cash flow? Or properties for flipping to get your first bucket of gold? We find it, and get it, at the right price for you.

We do not throw out deals with catchy titles. For each and every deal, we look at the actual numbers and do a thorough return analysis – with you. We will crunch the numbers, getting to understand the logic behind every number and formula together. We will also share with you our up-to-date hot spots analysis to make the best decision that suits your need.

Having the target deals identified, our power team will help do the actual viewing of the properties, point out any repair issues, provide market update, etc. We share deals with return outperforms the market, every time.

We understand getting the deals right on numbers is only the start. We are here to help hand-in-hand in every step from start to finish.

In a nutshell, we help you:

  • Identify the deal that you need - and get it!
  • Tax and financial arrangement
  • Account opening and company set up
  • Refurbishment and traps to avoid
  • Property management & letting - with our local managers and agents



Customize Personal Property Investment Plan
  • Time frame
  • Goal 
  • Budget
  • Risk level
  • Culture

Bespoke matching
  • Property Type
  • Location
  • Strategies
  • Return


  • Viewing
  • Debrief on property

Procurement of completion
  • Credit
  • Legal
  • Accounting

  • Repairs
  • Property management

Exclusive access to our power teams

Our power teams in the US are here to provide you with below services at your desire.  They have a great eye and instinct and also killer negotiation skills. We have very happy and successful experience with them, and as we work together, we want you to have them too.

Our power teams have a great eye and instinct and also killer negotiation skills. We have very happy and successful experience with them, and as your power teams, you will have them too

Let our experience and power teams help you save your time, swerve the traps, and enhance your knowledge in the most cost-effective manner.


Dreams come true when desire transforms them into concrete action.

We are here to help.

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The information contained or presented in this material and in our courses should not be regarded as any investment or legal advice or any form of recommendation for buying and selling any property, investment product or entering into any financial arrangement.

We are not responsible for the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the information, nor are we responsible for the correction of any error or obsolesce that may appear therein from time to time.

You are advised to exercise your own independent thinking and judgement for any investment decision and proceed with caution. We expressly disclaim all responsibilities and liabilities arising from any losses howsoever caused. You should seek legal or other professional advice before making any investment decision where appropriate.