Ohio, USA Real Estate Investment Seminar

Invest in a large independent house with a garden plot with a small capital

  • No stamp duty
  • Freehold property with renovations included
  • Sold with a lease, immediately generating significant passive income with a rental return of up to 9%*
  • Capstone 72's one-stop professional service, enjoy a simple and easy investment journey

Seminar Dates:

  • June 13 (Thursday), 2024, at 5:30 PM 
  • June 20 (Thursday), 2024, at 5:30 PM
  • Schedule a one-on-one consultation at other times

Cost: Free for a limited time

Location: Unit 510,580 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada ,V6C 2E7

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1 727-729-9812 

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¹ The average return is an estimated figure based on the rental yield of comparable properties. Actual rental yield may vary depending on various factors including changes in macro environment affecting the rental market and the timely payment of rent by the tenant.
² Based on publicly available third-party data.
³ Actual financing availability will differ depending on various factors including the circumstances of each individual buyer, the availability of property appropriate for such financing and the level of funds available for the provision of such financing, to be assessed on a case by case basis and determined at our sole discretion at the relevant time.

Customer Feedback

"Received rental payments on time, excellent service with prompt responses to inquiries. Very professional in providing insights into the overseas real estate market. High-quality service, trustworthy and reliable!"

Phoebe Cheng

Owner, HK Pro Fitness Gym


"The buying and selling process was explained very clearly, with professional and proactive updates on the current progress. The after-sales service is also very professional and reliable."

Chris Szeto

Professional Optometrist,Focus Optical

"I gained insights into US property through a course which taught by Bonnie, she patiently taught me even I did not have prior related  knowledge.With her professional expertise in renovation, accounting insights, and understanding of tax regulations and expenses, she significantly reduced the risks of buying property from afar, making it easy to access foreign property markets."

Rick Ho

Founder, Hero’s Friday

"Investing in US properties not only for high returns, but also because I trust Capstone 72 and Bonnie's professionalism and credibility. The purchasing process was effortless, easily finding my ideal property. Moreover, Capstone 72 has a strong overseas property management team, providing me with peace of mind."

Alex Chung

UK Property Investor

In the US real estate market, there are plenty of opportunities to capture quality properties. It all depends on finding the right timing and the right people, taking immediate action. Capstone 72 will be your best partner.


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Email:  [email protected]

Phone: +1 727-729-9812

Address: Unit 510,580 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6C 2E7


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